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Best Handheld Massagers 2020 – Reviews, Specs, Video and Buyer’s Guide

It doesn’t matter whether you spend your days working at a desk or pushing your body to its limits with physical activity, you are bound to experience muscle pains at some point in your life. Medically known as myalgia, muscle aches can come when you least expect it. Most people associate the issue with strenuous activity, a lack of stretching, and overuse. However, even something as simple as poor posture can make your body feel a bit worse for wear. One of the best ways to deal with muscle discomfort is to treat yourself to a nice handheld massager. Studies have shown that massages can reduce muscle inflammation and speed up recovery. The last thing you want to do is ignore your body. Failing to address the problem can lead to serious muscle tears, decreased mobility, and mess of other complications.

best handheld massager 2020

Before you run out and set up an appointment with your local masseuse, consider investing in the best handheld massager. These devices let you reap the benefits of massage all from the comfort of your own home. Let’s face it, professional massages do not come cheap. If you experience muscle aches regularly, a top-notch handheld massager beats paying hundreds of dollars each week just to get relief.

These handheld percussion massagers have come a long way since they were first introduced to the commercial market in 1902. They do much more than just vibrate your skin. Today, modern handheld massagers can relax muscle tissue by moving in unique patterns and applying the appropriate amount of pressure. Best of all, some of the best handheld massagers on the market are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. They’re compact, easy to transport, and let you target any muscle group that’s giving you a hard time.

In this guide, we’re going to help you find a powerful handheld massager that’s right for you. We’ll dig a bit deeper to figure out what types of features are best and how they can benefit your overall health and well-being. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve also compiled a list of some of the best handheld massagers that money can buy.

Top Rated Handheld Massagers Comparison Chart 2020

Our comparison chart below provides you with a quick glimpse of some out our top rated handheld massagers. It has some basic information to make comparing and contrasting your options a breeze. The products are organized by features. If you want some more information about a particular handheld percussion massager, keep reading to our review section.

Best Handheld MassagersMassage SpeedAttachmentsWeightPrice
Mighty Bliss 3700 RPM63.5 lbsCheck Price
Viktor Jurgen3350 RPM33.2 lbsCheck Price
Pado Pure Wave3700 RPM61.65 lbsCheck Price
Snailax Cordless3 vibration modes42.7 lbsCheck Price
Wahl Deep-Tissue3350 RPM42.5 lbsCheck Price
Naipo Handheld3800 RPM63.4 lbsCheck Price
TheraRub Massager3260 RPM32.6 lbsCheck Price
Keywing Deep Tissue 3200 RPM61.85 lbsCheck Price
HoMedics Handheld3100 RPM32.5 lbsCheck Price
Vybe Pro Premium3200 RPM42.125 lbsCheck Price

Best Handheld Massager 2020 Reviews – (Updated Picks)

We want you to find the perfect handheld massager that lets you get relief whenever you need it. Before you rush out and pull the trigger on the first device that catches your fancy, check our handheld massager reviews below. We’ve done all the research and gathered the information that you need to make an informed purchasing decision that you won’t regret.

Mighty Bliss Handheld Cordless Percussion Massager

Mighty Bliss Handheld Cordless Percussion Massager ReviewQuick Features:

  • Stretched massager design
  • 3,700 revolution per minute
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable speed and intensity
  • Battery lasts for up to 120 minutes
  • Six different attachment heads
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Weighs approximately 3 pounds

This Mighty Bliss Cordless handheld massager is our top pick for the money. With its numerous features and versatile design, it’s a cut above the rest. The great thing about this hand held massager is that it’s truly capable of treating your entire body. The body has a sleek design that fits nicely in your hand. Best of all, the long wand makes it easy to reach your back, legs, and any other part of your body without any issues.

In terms of power and performance, the handheld massager is top-notch. It can spin as fast as 3,700 RPM. Not only that, but the speed is fully adjustable. There’s a small knob to help you get the right intensity. You can use it to get a light soothing massage or crank it all the way up to tackle muscle aches in minutes. There’s even a collection of attachment heads that offer unique sensations.

  • Ideal moderate weight
  • Cordell design improves portability
  • Rubberized grip
  • Includes deep tissue, narrow, and wide attachments
  • Sleek design
  • Lithium-ion battery doesn’t affect performance
  • Simple controls
  • Solid construction cuts back on noise
  • Too large to fit into small bag

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Viktor Jurgen Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Viktor Jurgen Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager reviewQuick Features:

  • Two massaging heads
  • Includes removable attachments
  • Moves at 3,350 pulses a minute
  • 134-inch cord
  • Weighs approximately 3 pounds
  • Adjustable speed

The Viktor Jurgen handheld massager just barely missed our top spot. While it does a great job of providing a soothing massage, some features can affect how you choose to use it. First, it’s considerably larger than the Mighty Bliss machine. It features two massage heads that pulse. Unfortunately, to accommodate those heads, the end of the percussion massager is far too wide for tight spots.

Also, the handheld massager is corded and features a body that’s made of thinner plastic. This results in a bit more noise than we would like. Beyond those issues, the massager is still a great investment. Factor in the replaceable attachments and speed adjustment system and you have a fully customizable percussion massager. Plus, the wide design lets you treat a much larger surface area at once.

  • Covers large area at once
  • Cordell design improves portability
  • Rubberized grip
  • Has attachments for Shiatsu and Swedish massage
  • Easily adjustable settings
  • Great for lower back and legs
  • Pulsates rather than spins
  • Bulky design
  • Corded
  • Produces more noise

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Pado Pure Wave CM-05 Cordless Percussion Therapy Massager

Pado Pure Wave CM-05 Cordless Percussion Therapy Massager reviewQuick Features:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • 180-minute runtime
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Spins as fast as 3,700 RPM
  • Weighs less than 2 pounds
  • Smaller stretched design
  • Includes stand
  • Comes with 1-year warranty

If portability is a big priority for you, check out this nice cordless handheld massager from Prado. It’s considerably smaller than the two previous models on this list. Furthermore, it weighs less than two pounds and has a powerful battery that can last up to 180 minutes. So, you can take it with you and get relief on the go.

Some other great features include an adjustment dial to control sensitivity, a battery life indicator to see when you need to plug it in, and three removable attachments. This good handheld massager does have one common complaint. While it is small enough to pack away in your luggage, the shorter handle can make it a hassle to reach the lower back.

  • Very powerful motor
  • Battery life indicator
  • Versatile attachments
  • Smaller size improves portability
  • Relatively quiet
  • Rubberized grip
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • Can only treat small sections at a time
  • May be too short to reach lower back for some

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Snailax Cordless Vibration Percussion Massager with Heat

Snailax Cordless Vibration Percussion Massager with Heat review Quick Features:

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Heat therapy element
  • Three massage modes
  • Three speed settings
  • Four interchangeable attachments
  • Weights a little over 2 pounds
  • 15 inches long

This cordless device from Snailax is one of the best percussion massagers that money can buy. With all the bells and whistles turned on, you can get a soothing massage that uses both percussive movements and heat. The infrared heating element glows red and produces a comfortable warmth. However, it does not create radiant heat. So, you can use it during the summer without feeling uncomfortable.

There are four massage attachments included. One of them is curved, which is a nice touch for using the handheld massager underneath your arms and legs. Another cool thing about this device is that it can operate in several ways. In addition to an intensity selector, you can choose the pulsating pattern to get a massage experience that’s just right for your needs.

  • Produces soothing infrared heat
  • Sleek wand design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Simple button controls
  • Many ways to customize massage
  • Cordless
  • Very small massage head
  • Can’t use heat with any attachments
  • Battery only lasts for up to 80 minutes

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Wahl Deep-Tissue Therapeutic Handheld Percussion Massager

Wahl Deep-Tissue Therapeutic Handheld Percussion Massager reviewQuick Features:

  • Stretched handheld massager
  • Pulses 3,350 times per minute
  • Includes four attachments
  • 8-foot power cord
  • Variable speed settings
  • Comes with warranty
  • Weighs approximately 2.7 pounds

Wahl is a trusted brand that’s known for making excellent grooming products. Their percussion handheld massager is no different. It’s a simple little device that can provide relief all over your body. Thanks to its light body and ergonomic shape, you’ll have no problem getting hard-to-reach muscles. Not only that, but this nice handheld massager comes with four attachments. They all can provide a unique sensation.

With that being said, the cord is one of the biggest flaws of this model. It’s only 8 feet long, which could pose a problem when you’re trying to relax. If that’s not a deal-breaker for you though, you’ll be happy to know that this handheld massager is easy to customize. There’s a small speed dial on the underside. You can use it to set the device to pulse as much as 3,350 per minute.

  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Provides deep tissue massage
  • Uses powerful motor
  • Spiral lock for quick attachment swapping
  • Easy to use speed dial
  • Lightweight
  • Short cord
  • Louder than other options

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Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager with Heat

Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager with Heat reviewsQuick Features:

  • Stretched wand design
  • Includes six interchangeable nodes
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Built-in heating function
  • Weighs 2.65 pounds
  • Corded
  • Comes with 2-year warranty

While Naipo is a lesser-known brand, they’re quickly making a name for themselves in the massage product industry. This handheld percussion massager is a very well-designed piece of equipment. The body is made out of sleek black plastic. Not only is it beautiful, but the thick material removes most noise. All you’ll hear is a soft humming from the motor.

The wand features simple controls. There’s a wheel underneath the handle to control the pulsating speed and a single button to start up the heating element. One thing that we like about this handheld massager is that the heating system is protected. It automatically shuts off to prevent overheating, which is a nice touch. The thing we don’t like is that it’s corded. Thankfully, the cord is long enough to help you get comfortable during your massage.

  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Beautifully designed
  • Relatively quiet
  • Easy-to-clean silicone massage nodes
  • Simple control buttons and speed wheel
  • Heat function with safety features
  • Corded power supply

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TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager

TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager reviewedQuick Features:

  • Dual-head percussion massager
  • Adjustable pulse speed
  • Massages as fast as 3,260 pulses per minute
  • Includes three pairs of massage attachments
  • Weighs over 2 pounds
  • Rubber hand grip
  • 14-foot cord

The TheraRub handheld massager is a no-frills piece of machinery. It’s one of the best percussion massagers on the market in terms of power. With the ability to set it as high as 3,260 pulses per minute, you can truly sit back, relax, and enjoy a powerful deep-tissue massage.

Another big benefit that this massager offers is its dual-head massager. Two nodes work together to apply pressure. The two heads can cover a large part of your body at once. Though, the wide design does make it a bit harder to reach tight spots. The handheld massager comes with three pairs of swappable nodes as well so that you can get a versatile massage experience.

  • Very easy to use
  • Simple slide controls for intensity
  • Covers more surface area
  • Versatile massage nodes
  • Powerful motor
  • Bulky design
  • Corded

Click here to check the price of the TheraRub Massager Percussion on Amazon.

Keywing Deep Tissue Cordless Back Handheld Massager

Keywing Deep Tissue Cordless Back Handheld Massager ReviewQuick Features:

  • Stretched wand design
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Lasts up to 100 minutes on a single charge
  • Adjustable speed
  • Six massaging modes
  • Six attachments
  • Motor pulses up to 3,200 times per minute
  • Weights 1.85 pounds
  • Comes with 1-year warranty

This is one of the best cordless handheld massagers on the market that does a decent job across the board. It’s a versatile little device that can be customized in many ways. Within the sleek housing, there’s a motor that’s powerful enough to pulse the massage heads up to 3,200 times every minute. However, you can also adjust the speed to get the intensity just right. One downside of this unit is that you can’t fully personalize the speed. There are six settings that you must choose from.

The good news is that the handheld massager does have six massaging patterns as well. It even comes with six unique attachment heads to treat any muscle.

  • Modern design
  • Lightweight yet solid
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Battery life indicator
  • Powerful motor
  • Rubberized grip
  • Can’t fully customize speed
  • No heat therapies
  • Length may affect portability

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HoMedics Handheld Percussion Massager with Heat

HoMedics Handheld Percussion Massager with Heat ReviewQuick Features:

  • Dual-head wand design
  • Four speed settings
  • Heat therapy feature
  • Includes two sets of massage nodes
  • Weighs less than 2.5 pounds
  • Pulses up to 3,100 times a minute
  • Comes with 2-year limited warranty
  • Corded

When compared to all of the other best handheld massagers on this list, the HoMedics percussion massager offers a unique look. It takes on a stretched wand design. However, there’s a dedicated grip on the end that can be grasped from numerous angles. This makes it much easier to get the massage head right where you want it.

Speaking of the massage head, this handheld massager features two of them to cover more of the affected area at once. The unique thing about these heads is that they pivot to follow your curves. To make things even better, there’s also a great heating system. With the four available speed settings, you can get a great massage right from home.

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Treats large surface area
  • Massage heads pivot to follow contours of your body
  • Powerful kneading function
  • Simple button controls with light indicators
  • Rubberized grip
  • Corded
  • Can only choose between four speed settings
  • No unique attachments

Click here to check the price of the HoMedics Handheld Percussion Massager on Amazon.

Vybe Pro Premium Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

Vybe Pro Premium Handheld Percussion Massage Gun reviewsQuick Features:

  • Gun design
  • Includes four efficient attachments
  • Includes carrying case
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Up to 3,200 pulses a minute
  • Five speed settings
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • Weighs a little over 2 pounds

Want a professional-quality massager? This handheld percussion massager from Exerscribe may be the product you’re after. It’s designed for athletes and trainers. This is evident by the unique design. Rather than employing a traditional wand shape, it looks more like a gun. That’s because it can be used by trainers to provide relief for athletes. Unfortunately, this can prove to be a hassle if you’re trying to give yourself a back massage.

Aside from that issue, the handheld massager does a pretty good job. It has a powerful motor and five speed settings to help you get the right sensation. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last for up to four hours. Thanks to its compact design, the massager is very portable. It even comes with a carrying case and charger.

  • Small and compact
  • Impressive 4-hour battery life
  • Can produce up to 30 pounds of force
  • Sleek modern grip
  • Simple power and intensity controls
  • Attachments are designed to target specific muscle groups
  • Louder than other handheld massagers
  • Can be difficult to use alone on difficult spots

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Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Handheld Massagers

Massagers are not a niche product by any means. The market for massage equipment, including handheld models, is estimated to reach over 24 billion dollars in the next few years. While it’s not difficult to find a handheld massager, finding one that serves its purpose well is not an easy task. The key is to choose the best handheld massager that works well and lasts for years to come. This buying guide will help you just do that.

What to Look for When Selecting a Good Handheld Massager

Not all handheld massagers are capable of giving you that deep tissue relief you’re looking for. When you’re shopping, keep the following factors in mind to ensure that you’re getting a handheld massager that can benefit your body and health.

1. Massage Techniques

handheld massager reviews

In the past, massagers only had a single function. They simply vibrated to simulate the effects of having a massage. Unfortunately, these old devices didn’t do much to actually help the problem at hand. Today, modern handheld massagers can perform several different functions.

  • Kneading Massage – Kneading massagers can be identified with their thick moving heads. High-end models typically feature multiple mechanisms hidden behind a soft material. These handheld massagers are designed to imitate deep tissue massages given by professionals. It’s meant to diminish pain and loosen up the muscles after they have been tightened by strenuous activity.
    The massage head acts as a set of fingers. They can move in a circular pattern or glide over a straight track. Whatever the case may be, the constant motion compresses soft tissue. This helps to break down and realign collagen fibers, which is what’s causing that uncomfortable tightness in the first place.
    If you’re not used to these types of massages, it can feel a bit unnatural at first. The movement of the massage head is pushing your muscles against your bone structure and other muscles. However, you’ll soon find that these handheld massagers provide quick relief from daily pain.
    The great thing about handheld massagers is that you can very easily adjust the intensity of your massage. All you have to do is press the kneading massage head deeper into your skin to increase the intensity. Another big perk is that you can use these massagers anywhere on your body. Kneading is beneficial to your back, calf muscles, and anywhere else you need some special attention.
  • Percussion Massage – Have you ever seen a masseuse perform karate-chop movements on someone’s back before? It’s often the go-to technique when people try to mime the act of giving a spa-like massage. While it’s often viewed as a caricature, this method is one of the most effective for accelerating the muscle repair process.
    Percussion massages, also known as Tapotement, is a form of Swedish massage. Professional masseurs will make quick movements to hit the body with each wrist. Handheld percussion massagers replicate this action with a paddle or ball. When the massager is turned on, a small arm moves back and forth rapidly. Applying the end of that arm to your skin causes it to pulsate. That pulsating pressure can provide you with a number of benefits.
    For one, it’s completely targeted. You can apply the handheld massager to the specific muscles that are giving you problems. This results in increased blood circulation that’s localized. Secondly, it speeds up muscle recovery time. It’s been shown that percussion massages are 30 times more effective at improving muscle fibers than standard massages. Some even believe that these massagers are capable of improving skin elasticity.
  • Tapping Massage – Tapping and percussion massages are very easy to mistake for one another. Both techniques involve striking the skin. However, the main difference is the amount of pressure that’s applied. With tapping massages, pounding and striking is done with the fist rather than the side of the wrist.
    Handheld massagers will simulate the sensation of tapping with large heads. They’ll move to apply increased pressure over muscles. This results in increased local heat as well as more blood flow. These massagers are a great option for those interested in deeper stimulation. Because of the amount of force applied, it’s not recommended to use these handheld massagers on bony or sensitive areas.

2. Attachment Heads

The beauty of using a handheld massager is that you’re not just limited to one type of sensation. Most manufacturers include multiple massage heads for versatility and increased functionality. If you were to try to get more than one type of massage at a spa, it would cost you a pretty penny.
It’s one of the biggest perks of having a good handheld massager at home. You can easily swap out heads to try out something new and find a new way to relax. The types of heads that are included with the massager will vary from brand to brand. Here are some of the most common.

  • Wide Massage Head – Recommended for those who prefer relaxation rather than muscle relief, wide massage heads offer less intensity than some of the alternatives. They’re a bit larger than kneading heads. As a result, you can treat more of your body at one time. The downside is that they aren’t going to give you a deep tissue massage. If you have muscle aches, it’s best to go with a different head.
  • Kneading Massage Head – As the name would suggest, the kneading massage head is designed to perform the technique we went over earlier. It’s a form of Swedish massage, though handheld massager brands typically don’t call it that. It may go by “kneader” or “deep tissue head.” Whatever the case may be, these heads all perform the same function. They apply pressure to your muscles at the point of least resistance.
    Most kneading heads have a narrow point. Some even incorporate massaging nodes of varying thickness and length. As you glide it over your skin, the longest node will push down even further into your muscles.
  • Rolling Massage Head – Rolling massage heads are pretty simple in design. They’re usually cylindrical in shape and have several small nodes. The nodes are a nice touch that feels great on your skin. The biggest perk of using a rolling head is blood circulation. Your body reacts to them in the same way as an exercise roller. You can experience better blood flow throughout your muscles, which ultimately reduces soreness and gives you better mobility.
  • Scalp Massage Head – A scalp massage attachment can take your device to a whole new level. Obviously, a scalp attachment isn’t going to benefit the muscles in your body. However, it can do wonder for your mood and general stress levels. Scalp massages feel great and can even help to alleviate chronic migraine symptoms.
    Furthermore, scalp massages have been known to benefit your hair and skin. The pressure that a handheld massager applies can dilate the arteries on your scalp. This helps to fuel the hair follicles and provides them with more oxygen. You may notice improved growth and improved hair texture.
  • Scraper Massage Head – A scaper massage attachment is meant to simulate the experience you’d receive a Gua Sha massage. Gua Sha is an ancient technique that’s believed to have healing effects for your skin. Essentially, the attachment glides over your body to remove dead skin cells. These are cells that started at the base of your epidermis and traveled up to the surface.
    Removing those cells is a form of exfoliation. The attachment head can stimulate blood floor, which kickstarts the formation of collagen. With more collagen, your skin will look rejuvenated, youthful, and more brilliant.
  • Shiatsu Massage Head – Shiatsu is an ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine. Though, it is based on an old Japanese technique. These attachments typically feature several small nodes that are used to apply pressure on very specific parts of your body. The small nodes mimic the fingers of a professional masseur.
    The principles behind Shiatsu involve manipulating the flow of energy throughout your body. Licensed masseurs use these energy lines to figure out where acupressure should be applied. Whether or not you subscribe to the idea of energy flow or not, Shiatsu massages do have their benefits. They can help relieve stress and have been known to work wonders for those who suffer from chronic back pain.

3. Speed Intensity Control

Having the ability to change the speed and intensity levels of your handheld massager can make all the difference. Remember, a top rated handheld massager is supposed to provide you with versatility. Speed and intensity play an important role in how comfortable and effective a massage is. Swedish researchers even found that some nerve fibers only respond to certain types of pressure and stimulation.

Fortunately, some of the best handheld massagers on the market give you plenty of opportunities to get the sensation that you want. Most models feature an adjustable dial or a handful of predetermined intensity settings. So, you can choose to relax with a light massage or get relief with an intense deep tissue massage.

4. Therapeutic Heat Massage

To make your massage even better, you can get a device that utilizes heat therapy. Handheld massagers can produce a soothing warmth through built-in heating elements. More often than not, the heat that’s generated is dry. So, you don’t have to worry about messes. A heated massage offers several benefits. Not only is it relaxing on your mind, but it can benefit your body too. A high quality heated handheld massager can help with the following issues.

  • Painful Muscle Knots: If you have ever experienced knots after an intense workout, you know how frustrating they can be. Knots are a result of tense muscle fibers. More often than not, these painful knots can be found on your back, neck, and shoulders. So, what causes a muscle knot?
    Knots can be caused by general overuse and poor posture. When the muscles are put through more strain than they are used to, those fibers will begin ignoring everything your body is telling them to do. When you’re relaxed, they’ll stay tense no matter how much you try to calm them down. Eventually, that discomfort will spread to other parts of your body.
    A heated massage can help to force those stubborn fibers to relax. When heat is applied to the area, blood vessels are opened up. This can reduce inflammation and provide some much-needed nutrients to your muscles.
  • Nerve Compression: Compressed nerves are never fun to deal with. It’s like your brain is telling you that you’re in pain even though can’t see a physical injury. Nerves extend throughout your body and send signals to your brain. Unfortunately, they can become pinched when you over-exert yourself. It’s pretty common for people who perform repetitive motions all day to pinch a nerve in the part of their body that’s doing all the work.
    When this happens, your muscle, tendon, cartilage, or even bone has put too much pressure on the nerve. This causes the nerve to send emergency signals to the brain, resulting in the sensation of pain.
    Once again, heat can swoop in to save the day. As we mentioned, heat opens up the blood vessels to increase flow. Everything around the heated area can benefit from that extra blood. If you’re dealing with a pinched nerve, you can use heat to relax the tissue that’s causing the issue.
  • Post Exertion Muscle Soreness: Muscle soreness is very common if you put your body through more than what it’s used to. Your muscles work a lot harder to keep up with this sudden demand. All the while, lactic acid is produced. Lactic acid is made by muscle tissue during bouts of strenuous activity. In most cases, that acid is no big deal. But, when you are more active than normal, the buildup is not something your body can handle. This is what’s causing the pain you feel.
    There’s a very good reason why heat is a tried and true method for dealing with sore muscles. It’s because that heat helps to drive lactic acid and other toxins away from your muscles. As the blood vessels open up, there’s more room to flush the acid out and replace it with beneficial nutrients.
  • Lumbar Spine Pain: The muscles in your back react the same way to over-exertion as other muscles. However, the importance of the deep muscles in your lumbar spine make issues feel much worse. Most problems are caused by muscle sprains and tense fibers. Though, pinched nerves and joint issues can also be the culprit. Regardless of the exact biological cause, lumbar pain is almost always caused by overworking a core that’s simply not used to those activities.
    A heated handheld massager can give you some much-needed relief. The pressure put on your muscle tissue can help you relax. Meanwhile, the increased blood flow and oxygenation of your muscles will speed up the healing process.
  • Help with Scar Tissue and Muscle Tears: Handheld massagers with heating functionality are perfect for those who suffer from muscle aches that aren’t caused by over-exertion. Whether your muscles hurt due to a medical condition, illness, or simple sleep deprivation, a good handheld massager can provide the relief you’re after.
    Extra heat reduces the tension in your muscles, regardless of the cause. Plus, your expanded blood vessels are more capable of transporting vitamins, minerals, and nutrients where they are needed most. Because handheld massagers are easy to use on any part of your body, you can quickly move from one affected area to another without any issues. This can even be done when you’re laying down trying to recover.
    Scar tissue can also benefit from heat therapy and massage. The pressure that’s moving your muscles will cause scar tissue to break down while the heat speeds up recovery. It’s a great solution after you’ve experienced an injury.

5. Size

The next thing that you should be considering is size of your handheld massager. Handhelds are, by design, quite compact. They’re meant to be used on many different parts of your body. To achieve this feat, these devices have to be small enough to fit in hard-to-reach areas, such as under your thigh or in the small of your neck.

Even still, handheld massagers can vary in size. Some are small enough to be held in the palm of your hand while others look more like a wand. Both options have their perks. Generally, it’s usually better to go with a unit that has a long wand. They make it possible to reach your back without having to contort your body into strange positions.

6. Weight

When it comes to choosing the best handheld massager, the first instinct is to always go lighter. While that certainly can be beneficial for most items, having a bit of extra weight to your massager is better. Massagers use an electric motor that’s usually housed in a plastic shell. The motor moves very powerfully, so it needs a robust body to keep it stable.

If you were to get an ultra-light handheld massager, you could quickly lose control of the device when it’s on its highest setting. Furthermore, some extra pounds make it easier to get a more intense massage. Extra weight allows the massager to press into your skin naturally, eliminating the need to do so manually. While it may not seem like a huge deal at first, repeatedly applying pressure with your hand can lead to injuries all on their own.

With all that being said, you don’t want to get the heaviest hand held massager that you can find. It’s about finding a good balance. The coolest handheld massager will be light enough to hold in your hand for prolonged periods while also hefty enough to enhance the massage experience.

7. Corded or Cordless

When you’re shopping for that best handheld massager, you’ll come across corded and battery-powered options. Both power sources have their pros and cons. If you’re looking for something that’s going to provide you with consistent power every time you turn it on, go with a corded massager. Of course, make sure that the cord is long enough to give you some flexibility with use.

The downside with a corded handheld massager is that it can easily get in the way, especially if you’re trying to treat a more difficult body spot. Long power cords can get twisted, tangled, and wrapped around your body before you even realize it.

Cordless handheld massagers offer more flexibility. You’re not tied down to relaxing in one specific location. The tradeoff is variations in power. Massagers that are powered by alkaline batteries are the worst offenders when it comes to dips in performance. The voltage on alkaline batteries goes down as they are depleted. So, the highest intensity setting may start to feel like a let down if you don’t have fresh batteries on hand.

Handheld massagers with rechargeable batteries are best. They use lithium-ion batteries and can usually be used while it’s charging. Ultimately, the decision between going with a corded massager and a cordless massager comes down to personal preference. Keep the pros and cons in mind and choose a device that works for your needs.

8. Portability

When you’re thinking about whether or not you want to go with a corded or cordless handheld massager, it’s a good idea to consider portability. The length of the cord, or lack thereof, will affect where the device can be used.

  • High Portability – Massagers with rechargeable batteries have the most portability. If the battery’s full, you can relax anywhere you want. You can even take your massager with you for on-the-go relief.
  • Medium Portability – Next up are massagers with a long cord. Many devices have cords that are over ten feet long. While you can’t go anywhere, you’re not confined to one spot next to an outlet.
  • Low Portability – The least portable kinds of handheld massagers are the ones that have a cord that measures only a few feet in length. Unless you want to also invest in an extension cord, you may want to go with another option.

9. Multiple Uses

There are handheld massagers out there that are designed to focus on a single part of the body. While they do just fine in terms of comfort and relaxation, what if you need relief elsewhere? Rather than purchasing multiple devices, stick to a handheld massager that’s a jack for all trades. These devices give you more bang for your buck and make your initial investment worthwhile. To get more functionality out of your handheld massager look for:

  • Multiple massage modes
  • Additional massaging attachments
  • Adjustable intensity and speed
  • Heating functionality

10. Shape and Design

The size and design of the handheld massager are more important than you may think. Sure, it’s always nice to have a product that’s elegantly designed. More importantly, it pays to have a device that’s designed to be as ergonomic and easy to use as possible. There are a few different styles of handheld massagers available.

  • Stretched Massagers – A stretched handheld massager features a long wand that can be used to access spots on your body that are difficult to reach. These massagers are particularly useful if you’re injured or have a hard time reaching behind your back. Trying to treat your back muscles with a massager that doesn’t have a stretched design can be dangerous. You can injure your rotary cuff or pull a muscle, defeating the whole purpose of getting a handheld massaging machine in the first place. With a stretched device, you’ll be able to get relief from virtually any seating position.
  • Broad Massagers – If you want to treat a large part of your body at once, a broad handheld massager may be for you. They have a larger massage head and are typically used for relaxation. The main downside with a broad massager is that they can’t do deep tissue work to help you recover from an injury.
  • Short Massagers – Last, but not least, there’s a short handheld massager. These machines are much smaller than the other options. They’re recommended for close-up use on your shoulders or leg. Because they don’t have a long arm, you can’t use them on your back. Also, most are limited in features. The small footprint of the device provides simplicity. However, you also sacrifice the ability to make adjustments or swap out massage heads.

11. Number of Massage Heads

Due to their design, you’re not going to be able to get a ton of massage heads on a handheld device. That means that it’s going to take a bit longer to treat big parts of your body than a large machine. Considering that muscles can take up to two days to recover on their own, this is often a worthy tradeoff.

Here are some examples of the types of massage head configurations that you can get.

  • Single Massage Head – With only one massage head to work with, these handheld massagers will require more time to get the job done. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that the single head isn’t effective. You can still get an effective deep tissue massage.
  • Double Massage Head – A handheld massager with two heads offers a bit more flexibility. Depending on the model, you may have more modes and intensity settings to choose from. On top of that, some massagers let you treat muscles from two different angles.
  • Wide Attachment Head – Wide heads can treat more of your back at once. However, they tend to have a shorter reach and are not as intense.
  • Narrow Attachment Head – With narrow heads, you can provide localized treatment to one specific muscle. It will take longer to treat a big muscle group, but these handheld massagers can often provide deeper tissue stimulation.

12. Noise Level and Comfort

Fancy spas go out of their way to make massage rooms as quiet as possible. That’s because silence helps you relax and give your brain a rest. Even when you’re giving yourself a massage at home, quiet is always better. When you’re shopping for the best handheld massagers, consider the noise levels that the machine produces.

Handheld massagers operate on electric motors that constantly move. Some noise is going to be produced. However, the way that the device is made can cut back on that noise significantly. Fully sealed handheld massagers are the quietest. Cheaper units made out of flimsy lightweight plastic tend to rattle when they’re on, so they should be avoided at all costs.

13. Number of Included Attachments

Having a collection of attachment heads at your disposal lets you customize your relaxation as you see fit. Not all heads are going to be comfortable to use throughout your body. Kneading heads tend to somewhat painful on bony and sensitive areas. If your handheld massager has interchangeable heads, you can perform a swap whenever you need to treat a part of your body that’s a bit more sensitive to pressure than others.

14. Warranty and Support

It’s always recommended that you buy handheld massager with a warranty. Even the best handheld massagers aren’t immune to damage. They contain intricate parts and complex circuitry. If something goes awry, a warranty program will ensure that you can get a replacement.

The same goes for customer support. Many manufacturers offer a dedicated support line where you can call whenever you experience problems. The support team will be able to troubleshoot the issue and help you make the most out of your handheld massager.

Health Benefits of using Handheld Massagers

benefits of handheld massager

  • Produces a Soothing Effect: Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a handheld massager is that it soothes your entire body. When you factor in the mental and physical effects it has, it’s not difficult to see why a massage feels so good. A handheld device can reduce pain, put your muscles at ease, and eliminate any unwanted tension.
  • Improves Mood and Eliminates Anxiety: Nothing takes relaxation time to the next level quite like a good massage. The physical benefits of using a handheld massage are well-studied and known. But did you know that massages can also soothe your mind? During your massage, your body releases hormones that reduce anxiety and stress. Stress hormones are reduced significantly, allowing you to truly take in the moment and not think about a thing.
  • Helps Reduce Muscular Pain: Handheld massagers can reduce muscle pain by relaxing nerves and increasing blood flow. With better circulation, your muscles are exposed to more oxygen and nutrients to recover. Also, the repetitive motions can break tough fibers that are causing you discomfort.
  • Alleviates Chronic Lower Back Pain: Those who suffer from chronic back pain can see a dramatic difference in their comfort after using a massager regularly. The best rated handheld massager can target the Quadratus lumborum and Gluteus medius muscles, which are the main causes of lower back pain. Massages can reduce tension and prevent future strain.
  • Lowers down stress levels: Research has shown that massages can directly affect your nervous system. A nice massage session can reduce the hormones that cause anxiety and increase hormones that make you feel good.
  • Helps Improve Sleep patterns: If you suffer from insomnia or frequently wake up in the middle of the night, a quality handheld massager may be able to help you get a good night of rest. As we mentioned earlier, massages release a number of “feel-good” hormones. One of those is serotonin. Typically, those who have trouble sleeping are deficient in serotonin, which is required to create the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.
  • Effective at Relieving Soreness: During a rigorous workout routine, tiny tears form in the muscles. This causes soreness that can last for a couple of days. The tears also increase your chances of injury. However, handheld massagers can help to relieve that feeling. Massages lead to reduces the production of cytokines, which play a big part in causing muscle inflammation and pain. Using a nice handheld massager can also stimulate mitochondria. This can help promote healing and less pain.
  • Enhances Blood Circulation: Improved blood circulation from using a handheld massager can change your overall health for the better. First, your body can flush itself of all that lactic acid that’s causing pain. Secondly, lymph fluid has an easier time moving around your various organs. This fluid removes metabolic waste. Ultimately, all of these functions can lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health.
  • Makes your Skin Vibrant and Young: It may surprise you to know that a massaging device can improve the quality of your skin. Whether you’re using a scraper attachment or getting a deep tissue massage from a kneader, that constant pressure is stimulating collagen production. This helps to improve skin elasticity, which can prevent wrinkles and saggy skin. On top of that, the improved blood circulation you will experience can have an effect on broken capillaries. As a result, you may notice a reduction in redness and discoloration.
  • Boosts Physical and Mental Productivity: Handheld massagers can do a lot to reduce headaches and stress levels. Even a simple 15-minute massage can lead to increased productivity. Not just mentally, but also physically. Instead of feeling too lazy to move, regular massages can make you feel rejuvenated and awake. You’ll be more motivated to tackle any task and face the world head.

Wrap Up

With a solid handheld massager, you can say goodbye to those expensive spa appointments. These convenient gadgets give you the power to get relief whenever you need it. They’re compact, easy to use, portable and effective enough to provide all of the same benefits that you would receive at the spa.

To find the best handheld massager, consider your needs and what features can serve them best. Whether you deal with sore muscles regularly from your workout or you experience the occasional muscle strain, a high quality handheld massager has you covered.

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